Claims Reporting Software for your Business

Our claims management technology is the foundation of the comprehensive claims reporting platform we’ve developed to support businesses like yours. With claims management reporting from Absence Plus, you can access details of individual claims for full transparency. Our claims technology tracks individual claims in an

extensive library of customizable reports so you can track larger claims trends. or create custom reports with a click

Claims Data Visualization

  • Our claims technology includes customizable data visualization providing an overview of the KPIs that matter to you

  • Take a larger view of long term trends or drill down and explore the details of your claims.

  • Examine a claim in a specific context

Data Automation Technology

  • Our claims reporting technology integrates all program data into a user tested platform, allowing administrative teams to view and export data in multiple formats.

Customizable Platform

  • Fully customized communication templates (letters, email, and text) are available through AbsencePlus claims reporting technology. Track and report on your claims using unique workflows, data capture, and KPI tracking/ analysis.

Sample Dashboard

Sample Absence Dashboard