Extensive Data Tracking and Benchmarking

ur quarterly stewardship reports demonstrate your program results and return on investment. Our award-winning FMLA claim system provides extensive data tracking, monitoring, and reporting. This web-based platform has both a client interface, as well as an employee self-service portal. We offer an expansive dashboard to show you real-time trends and benchmarking.

Benchmark reports are created and maintained by your senior account executive against industry databases. As an AbsencePlus client, you can expect to receive routine and ongoing reports created and scheduled for your leadership. From monthly performance, quarterly customer service, and annual stewardship reports, our clients can stay current on key trends regarding your program.

Our System Features:

  • Real-time data: No waiting for the overnight batch to see the claims/changes for the day in the reporting suite. As things change, the data in the reports can be refreshed and viewed immediately.

  • 100% reportability: All fields and objects in the solution are 100% reportable. It enables flexible reporting on all aspects of the claim and the employees on leave or disability, to meet your business needs.

  • Easy configuring: Reports are easily configurable. If reporting needs change, AbsencePlus can quickly support the changes.

  • Accessibility + visibility: The state can have access to view the reports in a dashboard – or AbsencePlus can schedule reports to be sent to your team on a yearly, quarterly, monthly, weekly, or daily cadence.

A Web-Based Platform That Simplifies

Our award-winning FMLA claim system, ClaimVantage, has extensive data tracking, monitoring, and reporting capabilities. This 24/7, web-based platform has both a client interface, as well as an employee self-service portal.

Employees may submit claims, upload documentation via the smartphone-enabled portal, and send a note directly to their leave specialist. The claim intake ‘“wizard” guides the intake/employee with reflexive questioning to ensure the necessary information is collected to create a claim, enhancing standardization and efficiency.

Once created, a claim is automatically assigned to a leave specialist based on predefined criteria. Required documents are available on the portal and can be customized to your employees, who can view claim information and status and forms/letters sent from or received in the system through the portal.

Real-time Decisions & Compliance

  • The system will make the eligibility and entitlement determination as soon as the claim is received in the system (via the phone or portal). With rules built into the system, eligibility is accurately determined as soon as the claim is in the system — with no room for human error or miscalculations.
  • The system is updated with the latest compliance and regulatory changes for federal, state, and local leave laws, relieving the state’s burden.
  • Entitlement (hours of leave available) is auto-calculated based on past usage. The calculations built into the system will determine the replenishment rates without any complex calculations or errors.

Program Stable, and Secure Platform

  • Salesforce has a 99.9% uptime.
  • The latest security and compliance standards are updated within the platform three times per year.

  • The robust permissions rule controls access to data, allowing only the right people to access the correct data, including your team, for reporting.