Short-Term & Long-Term Disability Management

Our disability absence management system is equipped with built in, customizable absence management settings to help support employers track short-term and long-term disability-related absences in the workplace. Supporting employees with short and long-term disabilities may require employers to adapt to disability absences with little notice, and can be difficult to juggle on top of the day-to-day requirements of running a business. In these scenarios, efficiently managing disability absences while supporting the rights of workers with disabilities is paramount. That’s where we come in.

Disability Absences

Short-term and Long-term disability leave claims submitted to our absence management system will be reviewed and processed within the parameters of your custom disability plan. Our experienced disability claim professionals will monitor the medical received from employees with disability-related needs in accordance with the Official Disability Guidelines and continually assess workers with disabilities for return to work potential. Adjudication of short-term and long-term disability claims will be timely and the employee and employer will be notified of the claim determination.

Disability Absence Management

AbsencePlus offers a multitude of ways for employers and employees with disabilities to coordinate with your carrier on a fully insured short-term and long-term disability plan. From inclusion of disability specific forms, to push notifications and read only system access, AbsencePlus ensures a smooth and streamlined disability claim experience as part of your absence management system.