Short-Term & Long-Term Disability Claims Management

Our services in Short & Long Term Disability Claims Management are designed for optimal efficiency and effectiveness. We specialize in the thorough handling of both short and long-term disability claims, ensuring each case is managed with precision and care. Our team of experienced managers works diligently to streamline the claims process, focusing on reducing work disruptions and enhancing return-to-work outcomes. We provide comprehensive services, encompassing all aspects of disability claims management, from initial assessment to final resolution. Our commitment is to deliver a seamless, compassionate service experience, aimed at supporting individuals through their journey and helping them return to work successfully.

Disability Leave Of Absences

AbsencePlus streamlines the coordination between employers, employees, and carriers for fully insured short-term and long-term disability plans. Features like disability-specific forms, push notifications, and system access ensure a smooth, integrated claim experience within your absence management system.

AbsencePlus offers a multitude of ways for employers and employees with disabilities to coordinate with your carrier on a fully insured short-term and long-term disability plan. From inclusion of disability specific forms, to push notifications and read only system access, AbsencePlus ensures a smooth and streamlined disability claim experience as part of your absence management system.