Advanced Solutions From Our FMLA Management Company

At AbsencePlus, we set the industry standard for FMLA administration as a service, expertly managing every aspect of family medical leaves. Our team of absence specialists ensures meticulous tracking and effective management of leave duration and frequency, focusing on each employee’s journey back to work. We pride ourselves on offering a service that stands out for its efficiency, comprehensiveness, and continuous improvement in leave management. Partnering with us means investing in a top-tier solution that reflects the highest level of expertise and commitment in FMLA administration, providing the following benefits:

  • Ease of partnership
  • High scores in member experience
  • Best-in-class case outcomes

We deliver superior results and the best return on investment for you.

AbsencePlus excels in FMLA management, blending innovative tracking technology with top-tier client service. As a renowned company, we offer efficient, easy partnerships, ensuring high satisfaction and best-in-class case outcomes, ultimately delivering superior returns on investment through our specialized FMLA services.