Payroll Deduction Software Integrations

Manually tracking employee payroll deductions is time consuming, and leaves plenty of room for error between tax payments, benefits, garnishments, and any further mandatory or voluntary deductions. Multiply that by each of your employees, and payroll deduction management can quickly become a full time job. Luckily, our software and claim professionals give you efficient payroll management that you can rely on.

Take the stress out of manually managing your employee paychecks and deductions with our payroll deduction management software, conveniently integrated into our larger claims system and accessible from an automated dashboard designed with user experience in mind. Stay up-to-date with an automated tracking system that imports and consolidates the client’s eligibility, benefit amount, and any deductions or garnishments.

Payroll Deduction Requirements

To participate in our payroll deduction management program, we require the healthcare deduction amount as part of the eligibility file. This will automatically be calculated as part of the net payment to disburse.


Easily reference deductions and garnishments on pay stubs within our payroll deduction management system, which are available via our user friendly client interface.